We’re Repowering the EV Industry with Abundant Materials

Bedrock Materials was founded to reduce the cost of electric vehicles through the commercialization of sodium-ion battery (SIB) materials. We design and manufacture engineered electrode materials that allow the world’s battery makers to produce SIB at scale.

We believe that reducing the cost of clean transportation is crucial to accelerate its mass market adoption, particularly in lower-income and developing economies around the world.

As lithium-ion technology plateaus, the next great frontier of battery technology is found in the world’s sixth-most abundant element: sodium.

A Perfect Opportunity for Innovation

Recent advancements in electric vehicle technology have made it possible for sodium-ion batteries to deliver performance previously only attainable through lithium-ion.

Vehicle Efficiency

Today’s electric vehicles can travel 35% further on a battery charge1, allowing cheaper batteries to deliver acceptable range.

1 Based on 2023 Tesla Model S (120 MPGe) and 2012 Model S (89 MPGe)

Fast Charging

EV charging is 288% faster2 and 10 times more ubiquitous3 than ten years ago, making shorter-range batteries an option for many consumers.

2 Based on 90 kW Tesla Supercharger (2013) and 350 kW Electrify America (2024) | 3 Source

Battery Packaging

Modern battery packs allow for a 50% better use of space4, allowing low-density chemistries the space to perform in a product.

4 Source

Technology Designed for the Mass Market

Our materials are designed to meet the stringent performance requirements of the world’s leading EV automakers.



Moderate specific energy enables the switch to sodium-ion batteries without significant vehicle-level weight impacts.



High energy density enables sufficiently long range for entry-level vehicle trims and commercial fleet vehicles.


Cycles to 80% Capacity

Good cycle life allows automakers to provide the industry standard 100,000 mile battery warranty.


Cost Savings

Cheaper elements reduce the purchase price of electric vehicles by thousands of dollars per car.